Dear Music Loving Human,

My name is Thomas Power. I'm a musician and composer from the most westerly town in Ireland, Dingle. Growing up in such a place has profoundly effected my life and music. Dark cloudy skies and days of endless rain are the inspiration for all of the music you can find here.

I write guitar driven atmospheric rock music as Wild Surmise

I write piano driven experimental and electronic music as L'Homme Moyen

I compose music for film and tv using the name that my parents gave me.

I'm currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The mountains at home got too much for me to handle. I needed more flatness in my life.

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Yours always,

Thomas Power

Latest Releases

Latest Videos

Discography & Filmography


Dropping Slow - Album - Wild Surmise

Monocerotis - Art Installation

Tidal Surge - Album - L'Homme Moyen


Trained By Machines - Score, Sound Design, Concept

- Advertisement Score - Flourish Films

Colin The Pantomine Horse - Short Film Score


Dulled Sensitivity Keeps Us Sane - Wild Surmise

Suaimhneas - L'Homme Moyen

Losing Touch - Film Score and Album - Wild Surmise

Rape Crisis Center Ireland - Score

MOBGEN Company Video - Score

Skirmish Paintball Ad - Score

Negative Space - Short Film Score


Eternal/Ephemeral Album + Novella - L'Homme Moyen

Within - Wild Surmise

Means To An End - Sean Power Project


Endless Forms - Wild Surmise


Without - Wild Surmise


Last Perfect Day - Wild Surmise

Cloud Watching - Wild Surmise


Please feel free to get in contact with me at the numerous social watering pools. Or reach me in my cave with